Are you accepting new clients?

     Yes, however, I have limited times available. 

Do you work evenings and weekends? ​

     I work Monday through Thursday.  

Do you take insurance? 

     I do not accept insurance. However, I am happy to provide a superbill for insurance reimbursement. 

Do you offer a sliding scale? 

     My sliding scale spots are currently full.   

where are you located? 

     I am a Senior Clinician at IPNB Psychotherapy of Austin located in South Austin at 4009 Banister Lane.

     Currently I am conducting all sessions via telehealth. 

When will you be back in the office?

      Sadly, that's still TBD. 

I see you specialize in trauma.  Do you use emdr?

      I am EMDR trained, however, my preferred modality is IFS.  I will also use Emotional Transformation Therapy,
      which  utilizes light, eye movement, and color when appropriate for a client.  If you're specifically looking for an
      EMDR therapist, here are some of my recommendations in Austin:

   Adults of Unloving Parents (Attachment) 
   Brittany Fellwock, https://www.emdrtherapyaustin.com/


   Dissociative Disorders

       John Horton-Young, https://www.hortonyoungcounseling.com/

       Mark Blockus, https://www.ipnbaustin.com/mark


   EMDR & IFS for complex trauma

      Wayne Baker, http://www.waynebakerlpc.com/home.html

question & answer


what is radical about deep healing?


what are your training experiences?

My longing for personal healing and my commitment to the wellbeing of my clients led me to pursue extensive post-graduate training.  That means that I have a cohesive, scientifically-informed approach to healing.  ​What's most important is how comfortable you feel talking to me. However, if you're interested in learning more about my academic and post-graduate training, read on:



Cedar Crest College, a woman's school in Pennsylvania, graduated magna cum laude with a degree in English and a concentration in creative writing. 



St. Edward's University in Austin Texas, graduated summa cum laude with a master's degree in Counseling Psychology. 


Internal Family Systems

14-day level 1 training 

5-day level 2 Trauma & Neuroscience, 10-day Intimacy from the Inside Out trainings 

Program Assistant for two 2019 Level 1 Trainings in Austin, Texas 

Ongoing IFS consultation & therapy


3,000 hour post-graduate internship through IPNB Psychotherapy of Austin  

2-day Brains in Session Training with Juliane Taylor Shore

1-day Tracking Neural Networks Training with Juliane Taylor Shore

Ongoing IPNB Intensive with author Bonnie Badenoch 


Emotional Transformation Therapy (ETT)

Level 1: Basic Tools & Introduction to ETT

Level 2: Visual Brain Stimulation Using Light 

Level 3: Specific Mental Health Diagnoses 

Level 4: Somatic Disorders

Level 5: Spiritual Issues 


Sand Tray

4-Day attachment-based sand tray training with Marshall Lyles

4-Day sand tray experiential work shop with therapist and authors Bonnie Badenoch and Teresa Kestly

coherence therapy

2 day workshop with creator Bruce Ecker


4-Day EMDRIA-approved EMDR training completed with required consultation 

2-Day EMDRIA-approved Integrated Treatment of Chronic Pain and Health Conditions: Utilizing Advanced EMDR Approaches and Nervous System-Driven Skills with Gary Brothers 


Somatic Experiencing 
12-day Beginner Level 

Mending Boundaries Ruptures 2-day experiential training with Somatic Experiencing Practitioner Jeanna Gomez  

Ongoing consultation with Somatic Experiencing Practitioner Juliane Taylor Shore 

The Work of Marshall Rosenberg 

2017: 4-day training with Nonviolent Communication Certified Trainer Dian Killian


Relational Life Therapy

Level 1 online 

Level 2 live with creator Terry Real  


about me

i live in south austin with my husband of 12 years and a little tribe of animals.  

as a quarantine hobby, i recently started an instagram where i make vegan versions of bob's burgers.

I decided to become a therapist because I wanted to do work in service to others that also satisfied needs for learning and curiosity. Well, that's what I wrote on my graduate school application, anyway.  While that still rings true today, I now understand that I had other motivations.  Like every other person in a psychology class, I wanted to make sense of myself and I wanted to know if things could change for me. 


When I started grad school, those motivations were buried beneath protective parts of me who thought that healing others would be a way to heal myself.  Fortunately, as I worked through my own grief--first related to chronic pain then to my life-long feelings of depression and disconnection--I began to come into contact with my own story.  I realized that therapists don't really heal people. They create enough safety for people to find their own voice and find healing within themselves.  In her poem, The Journey, Mary Oliver writes, 

     There was a new voice

     which you slowly

     recognized as your own,

     that kept you company

     as you strode deeper and deeper

     into the world,

     determined to do

     the only thing you could do --

     determined to save

     the only life that you could save.

I believe that we all have a clear voice inside that knows exactly who we are and what we need to save our own lives.  I am here if you would like guidance and support on the journey to finding your clear voice. 

A New Voice PsychotherapY

Email  (512) 586-9591

Rebecca is a Senior Clinician at IPNB Psychotherapy of Austin  

Learn more at www.ipnbaustin.com